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Introducing AlbumWALK.

Every photo has a story or two to tell. AlbumWALK makes it easy to capture the memories of those who were there when the photograph was taken. Using AlbumWALK's patent pending tap-talk interface, just tap a face on a photo on your iPad or iPhone, and talk about that person. Tap the next and talk. And when you have finished, AlbumWALK creates a mini-documentary, zooming in on each person as they are mentioned, along with professionally scored background music. So the next time you look through old photos with a relative, say "Let's go on an AlbumWALK" and create talking photos that will retell their stories for generations to come.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 10.3.1 or later. Works on any iOS 10-compatible iPhone or iPad: iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4th generation or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, and iPad Pro or iPad Air.

Top Features of AlbumWALK:

  • Capture photos on your iPad or iPhone, take them from the Photos app, or scan them in ahead of time.
  • Use the patent-pending tap-talk interface to capture SoundSpotâ„¢ recordings one after another without interruption.
  • Play back recorded memories one at a time, or all together in a mini-documentary with a soundtrack.
  • Have names, nicknames and relation to the narrator appear on screen in documentary playback mode.
  • Edit SoundSpot recordings to change the size and placement, trim the recording, or record over again.

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