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Introducing AlbumWALK.

Every so often an invention comes along that fundamentally changes the way we do things. For a hundred years family historians have pored over old photographs searching for clues to their family's past, saying "If only these photos could speak, what stories they would tell!"

The next time you visit a relative, take along your iPad with the AlbumWALK app installed. With its patent pending tap-talk interface, recording memories is as easy as tapping the face of someone in the photo and telling something about them. Tap the next face and talk, and so on. Each narration is stored in a SoundSpotâ„¢ which can be replayed with a single tap. When the album is complete, tap the Play button and AlbumWALK creates a mini-documentary complete with music you can choose from the era of the photo. Simple as that.

Top Features:

  • Record audio stories of events, places and people.
  • Playback by tapping SoundSpotâ„¢ on your photos.
  • Export and upload to your FTM media collection.
  • Make sure not a single moment of your family history is forgotten.

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